About Me

Hands-on, full service, integrated Creative Director with 22 years of experience and over 17 years serving as a Creative Director. While my portfolio boasts globally recognized brands and product work, I’m not afraid to scale to find cost effective solutions for clients of all shapes and sizes. Brand building and storytelling (in countless forms) are my expertise, and I take pride in building strong teams, mentoring, championing and growing up and coming creatives.


My career has allowed me to touch all aspects of client projects, from super bowl spots to packaging and from social channels to custom microsites. I adapt quickly and always lead with a strong, big idea. I’m an approachable, ego-free creative who values hard work and professionalism while maintaining a sense of humor and respect.


When I’m not busy with client work, I like to fill my time with art, design, illustration, outdoor life, photography, video, and hanging out with my beautiful wife, twins and pig-like dogs.

Some of the brands that I've touched

Recent Awards

Awards and recognition

Awards have never been a motivating factor for me. Sure, I won some early in my career, but I've not chased them since then. It would look nice on my resume and be great for my career, but it just isn't on my radar.

Nonetheless, these are some important, bragable recognitions I that I will proudly share.

  • 4x Most Bushy Eyebrows Award
  • Second deepest voice heard at McDonalds in South East Portland.
  • Quarantinest dad in my household
  • 2x Most Bushy Eyebrows Award
  • Most Daddest Joke Award
  • 4x Owner of cool dog
  • Father of twins
  • Best Sarcastic Comment at the DMV
  • Only person in Portland who can drive in snow award
  • Cool hair complement
  • Fastest at buckling seatbelt in family SUV