Bacardi Oakheart Launch


In 2012, Bacardi USA made its largest-ever original brand investment with the release of Bacardi Oakheart. For two years leading up to the launch, I worked directly with our Bacardi brand partner to define the brand and develop the product leading all of the way to the product launch.

Product Development

We began by exploring product stories, flavor profiles, ingredients, and bottle and package designs. These were then used in consumer testing to identify the most compelling product stories that would resonate with the new target audience.

Product Development

Once Bacardi Oakheart was finalized as the product name and flavor profile, we collaborated with Bacardi on the initial package design. However, the final bottle design for the market was not executed by our team, but we were utilized in a consultancy manor.

The Launch

For the Oakheart launch, I took the lead in creating the brand launch video, developing event partnership point-of-sale programs, overseeing the USG app/site, and assisting the brand in refining and finalizing the product design decisions.