Like many agencies, we sometimes fall victim to the "the shoemaker's daughter has no shoes" scenario. In this case, Fort West decided to do it right and treat our own rebrand as we would any real client project. We invested the time and resources necessary for us to develop a brand character and foundation before we ever began creative.

Establishing Creative Direction

As I would with any of my clients, I established a conceptual creative approach to drive our rebrand.

Below you can see the chosen direction, my approach to putting the direction together, and a series of mood boards that conveys the creative intent.

Bringing "Driven By Data" To Life

This project afforded the opportunity of both driving the creative vision as well as contributing hands-on to the creation. As a Creative Director, I have always felt the importance of holding onto hard skills and never losing my craft.

The team was composed of myself and my Senior Designer.

Our end product was a blend of my brand mark, my direction, and his logotype.