Position New Product Category
  • Find the brand truths
  • Articulate The Story
  • Authenticate The Brand
Visualize The Stories
  • Build the library
  • Establish the rules
  • Build The Tool-kit
Reposition Outdoor as Outside
  • Brand expression
  • Content Creation
  • Consumer Brand Campaign


KEEN first launched with an innovation to the common sandal, changing the market and spawning a series of strong product franchises. KEEN created a huge fanbase over the course of 15 years.

However, despite this loyal following, KEEN had aspirations of connecting with the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts and had not been able to succeed up to this point.

This inability to connect with a new audience led to the development of a series of products designed to modernized the brand for a new audience.  
With a fresh new approach to a product category, a strong creative approach was necessary to connect with more modern consumers. 
While at Keen, I worked to modernize our visual communications through content, retail, digital, and all aspects of the seasonal thematic. (More info can be found in my other Keen case study.)

Redefining "Outdoor" as "Outside"

Additionally, I was asked to develop an overarching brand direction that would signal the adaptation and invitation to an overlooked target consumer.

This approach is an open invitation to experience “outside” with communities that are not currently considered to be the core outdoor enthusiasts.  

*Disclaimer – The static images were used as comps to internally establish this campaign. None of these images were public facing. 

This campaign direction was unveiled during the global  sales meeting and did have full intentions of launching.

The brand ultimately decided to move away from this direction and focus only on their core outdoor audience, rather than investing in the development of a new one.

Sell-in tools, look-books, retail assets, tool-kits, and campaign visuals were created as part of this initiative, but unfortunately were not released as the seasonal campaign.