The Insight

With Osmo, the learning doesn’t feel like learning. It feels intuitive. It feels fun. Rewarding. And it feels like a choice by the child. And, more often than not, it’s harder to get your child to STOP playing with Osmo than it is getting them TO play with it.

The Idea

If you’re a parent, you get it. Sometimes you need a break. Sometimes that break involves screen time of some sort and you walk away feeling guilty. Osmo takes the guilt out of the equation, but the kids don’t have to know that. This leaves you as a parent feeling like a diabolical genius. 

It’s like putting ketchup on their vegetables, they don’t even know it’s good for them, but you do.

The Campaign

This campaign was a huge initiative for Osmo and ran nationwide in all forms of media. My team and I crafted everything from the original creative approach and art direction of the spot to the key art and all cascading communication elements that were often customized based on location and placement.


Building the world

This project was enjoyable for countless reasons, but the development of the characters and the aesthetic was where it really became fun. While leading Creative Direction, I still managed to stay very hands-on working alongside my team. This project allowed me the opportunity to world build, as well as get my hands dirty in developing the key art and visual system to support the over arching television campaign.

  • Muahaha Concept & Script - Russell Dodson
  • CD - Rob Brooks
  • Designers - Rob Brooks, Beth Kaerper
Key Art
  • CD - Rob Brooks
  • Copy - Russel Dodson
  • Design - Beth Karper, Rob Brooks
  • Additional Copy - Paul Glazier
Campaign Materials
  • CD - Rob Brooks
  • ACD - Maliah Candace
  • Copy - Paul Glazier

    Design - Maliah Candace, Beth Karper, Rob Brooks
  • Director - (Fatal Farm) Zach Johnson
  • Agency Production - (The Big Tree) Larry Israel, Katie Hoen, Jamie Keim
  • Photography - Ryan Schude