In 2023, our team was tasked with revitalizing the PEARLiZUMI brand, renowned for empowering elite cyclists to surpass their limits.

Once synonymous with cycling excellence, PEARL faced new, innovative competition, necessitating an upgrade in product quality and subsequently turning to us to enhance consumer communication.


Our first task was to step back and evaluate the brand, helping them to find their place. Our strategy team spearheaded a comprehensive revamp of the brand’s foundation. Though I was not thoroughly involved in this phase, it was integral in setting us up for success as we proceeded to build the brand expression.

Once in the brand expression phase, we aimed to create a bold new look, consumer-facing messaging, an evergreen toolkit, and a brand tagline. The entire project transitioned to the internal creative team for execution, emphasizing the need to establish the visual system and provide demonstrations for their success.

Disclaimer – All video content is directional setting swipe pulls.

For the quarterly sales meeting, I put together a hype video to unveil the new direction for the brand. This coincided with the introduction of their new innovative product line and truly heightened the excitement for what’s to come.


Every time you get on the bike is an opportunity to break away. Some rides are spent breaking away from the pack or from the rider you were yesterday. Other rides are a chance to break away from the everyday distractions, frustrations, or obligations. Either way, PEARL iZUMi wants to give you the tools to get on your bike so that you can seize every opportunity to break away.

  • Rob Brooks
  • Ryan Doggendorf
  • Chase Stevens
Sr. Designer
  • Andrew Langford