The Idea

A brand that wants you to have fun with a blanket, just as you did when you were 5. Through new age technology and various enhancements, including a cape clip, this adult blankie brings imaginative adventures to life.

The Idea Continued

Rumpl is inherently an adventurous brand that wants you to have fun with it. While it doesn’t take itself too seriously, it does take technology and product quality very seriously.

DIY Approach

Rumpl was the most scrappy brand that I've ever worked on. This role required resourcefulness unlike I had ever experienced before. In order to create compelling content on zero budgets, it required lots of elbow grease and ingenuity.

In this case, myself and my talented photo/video pal Samson spent three days in Bend shooting this campaign in addition to a year worth of brand content. The weeks to follow involved Samson and myself tag teaming these edits, me designing, and additionally launching countless brand initiatives along side their brand campaign.

  • CD/AD/Design - Rob Brooks
  • CD - Ryan Coons
  • Samson Hatae
Video Edit
  • Rob Brooks